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War Lock Barrel Assembly-Carbine Length-MagpulWar Lock Barrel Assembly-Carbine Length 2

War Lock Barrel Assembly-Carbine Length


The War Lock Barrel Assembly-Carbine Length is a completely assembled and tested component ready to use with the War Lock Upper Receiver.

**Does not come with bolt or bolt carrier group** – Available for separate purchase.

War Lock Multiple Caliber SystemWar Lock Upgrade Kit

War Lock Multi-Caliber Kit


The War Lock™ Multi-Caliber Kit transforms your AR platform into the Multiple Caliber System.

NOTE: Our products are made to order.
Please allow up to 30 days for delivery.

Select Barrel Type and Quantity below. Select “Pack of Two Kits” for a discount!

War Lock Complete Upper Receiver 2War Lock Complete Upper Receiver

War Lock Complete Upper Receiver


Save time & labor with the fully assembled War Lock™ Complete Upper Receiver. This product comes with an enlarged ejection port to accommodate calibers up to and including .50 Beowulf.

NOTE: Does not include Barrel Adapter Assembly, Installation Fixture, Transportation/Storage Cap, Handguard Retainer Assembly, Charging Handle, or BCG.

Barrel Adapter Assembly KitBarrel Adapter Assembly Kit

Barrel Adapter Assembly Kit


War Lock™ compatible barrels will need the Barrel Adapter Assembly Kit to connect with the receiver. The Barrel Adapter Assembly is designed to work with the majority of commercially available rail systems, handguards, gas blocks and front sight assemblies.

Installation FixtureInstallation Fixture

Installation Fixture


The War Lock™ Installation Fixture is used for the installation of the War Lock™ Barrel Adapter Assembly and for the installation of muzzle devices.