Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement, whether local, state, or federal agency can expect professional support from the Frontier Tactical™ team. Our products are manufactured with the knowledge that our first responders can entrust their lives to the quality and attention to detail we put into our systems, accessories and gear. We understand that our law enforcement keeps us safe every day and night.  You stand between us and those who would do us harm.  That’s why we stand right behind you with our committed support.

You can depend on Frontier Tactical™ to never cut corners. Everything we make is made in the U.S.A., and that’s something we take very seriously. Our law enforcement deserves the best.  That’s all we make.

The War Lock™ offers significant capability increases to the officers, troopers and agents in the field.  Weapons can be configured to the mission within seconds.  Use a larger variation of ammunition in an emergency.  Carry a patrol rifle that fires the same ammunition as your sidearm.  Never arrive on scene without enough rifle.  If an active shooter is wearing body armor, immediately switch from 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington, to a heavy hitting big bore caliber to put the threat down.  No need to look for the nearest gun store for the penetration/energy you need.

Maintenance costs and time can be significantly reduced as well.  Removing the barrel allows the officer/armorer to clean the chamber more effectively, and with better observation.  Organizations can cut massive costs by adding calibers without purchasing complete rifles.  Barrels, bolts and magazines are all it takes to go through over 90 calibers with the AR-15.

Our approved Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE Code) is 7A9C9.

Law Enforcement