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Scott Gray – Co-Founder of Frontier Tactical

How do you create the most innovative company in the firearms industry?  Teamwork.  Mr. Gray is a force of nature in the fields of manufacturing and business.  His partnership with Nate Love created Frontier Tactical, and is key in the research and development of prototyping and manufacturing all product lines.  As a general rule, the best teams are a combination of the right people with the best knowledge, skills, and experience.  Scott brings that combination to the Frontier Tactical team, with world-class professionalism.

About Scott Gray

Scott is an American small business success story.  At a young age, he started working in his uncle’s machine shop.  From the earliest years, he developed the skills, knowledge and work ethic to eventually own and grow his own manufacturing facility.  Mr. Gray may be one of the few Master Machinists left in America, and he commands our manufacturing facility with masterful skill.

Scott is a master machinist on both manual and CNC machines. He is also a master CNC programmer that speaks the language of his machines with a native tongue. Mr. Gray is no stranger to innovation, and holds patents of his own across many different industries.

Extra Insight

As an amazing living example of the true American patriot, Mr. Gray exemplifies the love for his nation and his family.  Scott makes no compromise with his commitment to veterans, first responders, or his community.  He has demonstrated with his own consistent actions, his sincere desire to build a better future for this country.  You will find Scott at most of the events, shows, and demonstrations that Frontier Tactical attends.

Scott Gray is available by email for most business matters, though most inquiries should be directed through our contact form so he can focus on running the manufacturing facility.

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