War Lock Multiple Caliber System

What is the War Lock?

Quite simply, the War Lock replaces the barrel nut on almost any AR-15. Once replaced, it allows the user to remove and install barrels without tools. This modularity allows the AR-15 owner to change out over 90 calibers by switching simple components (typically a barrel, bolt and/or magazine).

Which Multiple Caliber System Do I Need?

AR Ready Series

– Upper receivers and complete barrel assemblies – we’ve done the hard work for you!

AR Retrofit Series

– These kits are for the AR-15 builders out there.

AR Parts Series

– Individual parts and OEM replacements.


WarLock HomeNOTE: Other rifle makers want to sell you a single caliber, or proprietary system. We put the decision making in your hands. You can create the AR-15 that is made for you, without the barriers that come standard from other companies. Every person is different, and we feel that choices should be left to the individual.


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