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FT-15 Complete Lower Receiver - MFT-15 Complete Lower Receiver - M

FT-15 Complete Lower Receiver


***A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required to purchase this item.***

The Frontier Tactical™ Complete Open Trigger Assembled Lower Receiver includes an installed Lower Parts Kit and Magpul, 6 position Butt Stock assembly, lower receiver extension, buffer, buffer spring and Magpul Pistol grip. This complete lower receiver is marked “MULTI CAL” and is a semi-auto AR-15.

War Lock Complete Upper Receiver 2War Lock Complete Upper Receiver

War Lock Complete Upper Receiver


Save time & labor with the fully assembled War Lock™ Complete Upper Receiver. This product comes with an enlarged ejection port to accommodate calibers up to and including .50 Beowulf.

NOTE: Does not include Barrel Adapter Assembly, Installation Fixture, Transportation/Storage Cap, Handguard Retainer Assembly, Charging Handle, or BCG.

Complete Bolt Carrier GroupComplete Bolt Carrier Group

Complete Bolt Carrier Group


The Complete Bolt Carrier Group by Frontier Tactical is a completely assembled and tested bolt carrier group that is ready to use with the War Lock™ Upper Receiver and compatible barrel.

NOTE: Do not mix bolts and barrels from other manufacturers.  Our bolts are designed to run with our complete barrel assemblies.

FT-15 Stripped Lower ReceiverFT-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

FT-15 Stripped Lower Receiver


The FT-15 Stripped Lower Receiver is marked “MULTI CAL” and is a semi-auto, AR-15 stripped lower receiver.  It is perfect for out-of-the-box true multiple caliber AR-15 builds.

***A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required to purchase this item.***